security information
We are committed to the privacy and security of your information. We keep your information secure by ensuring that:
  • The public (pre-login) areas of our website do not contain any of your personal information.
  • The secure area of our website supports the use of strong encryption(128 bit SSL). To take advantage of this level encryption, you will need to use a browser that supports that level of encryption. Current versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (5.5) US version supports this encryption. Previous versions may require software updates in order to support this level of security. When you see the "closed padlock" icon on your web browser, this indicates that this technology is operating.
  • Our web servers are protected behind "firewalls" and our systems are monitored to prevent any unauthorised access. As an extra measure of security your data is stored on separate computers from those used to serve web pages.
  • We will not send personal information to you by ordinary email. As the security of ordinary email cannot be guaranteed, you should only send email to us using the secure email facility on our website.

In particular, to prevent unauthorised access to your data you should take care when opening emails from sources that are not otherwise known to you. Please see our Privacy Policy for details of how we use cookies. Full details of your security obligations are set out in our Terms and Conditions.